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Chafunkta Brewing Co.



Voo Ka Ray IPA

Style: Imperial IPA - 7.5% ABV

Voo Ka Ray, or "Vieux Carré" ("French Quarter"), is a malt forward yet hop-centric Imperial IPA that avoids the extra bitterness found in many other IPAs with similar hop levels by using a 'Late Hopping' brewing technique, which allows for the flavor and aroma of the hops to shine without overpowering your palate with extreme bitterness.

Old 504

Style: Robust Porter - 6% ABV

Old 504 is a Coffee & Vanilla Infused Robust Porter that uses real Coffee & Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla beans, both imported by 2 local companies in the “new” 504, Orleans Coffee Exchange & Ronald Reginald’s Vanillas. Named after the original “old” Louisiana statewide area code, unlike many other Porters, Old 504 is a dark, yet light bodied Porter full of flavor that is enjoyable year round.

Kingfish Ale

Style: American Cream Ale - 5% ABV

Kingfish Ale is a light colored American Cream Ale with minimal hop flavor and a hint of lingering sweetness. It’s crisp and refreshing like a lager, with the flavor and complexity of an ale. Named after Louisiana legend Huey P. Long, we proudly say, “Every Can A King!!”