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Consumer Awareness

Marsala Beverage has a vested interest in the responsible consumption of the products it sells. We have families, our employees have families, and we want our roads to be safe.

No company benefits from misuse of its products, and we play an active role in promoting alcohol responsibility, with a primary focus on preventing drunk driving and underage drinking. Marsala Beverage and its' suppliers are committed to responsible drinking with Consumer Education Programs operating in each of our markets. We believe that a collaborative approach, in partnership with retailers, educators, parents and other organizations create impactful responsible drinking programs.

It's unfortunate that such a small percentage of the population abuses the product and places our industry a bad light. Millions of consumers enjoy our products responsibly. And numerous studies have shown that one or two drinks per day have health benefits, including reducedtisk of heart disease and lowered chance of stroke.

Underage drinking and drunk drivng are tough, emotional issues but we are making progress. Nationally drunk driving deaths have decreased 44% and teen drunk driving deaths have decreased 74% since 1982 (www.alcoholstats.com).

We at Marsala Beverage support alcohol consumption in a lawful manner, namely Moderately, Responsibly, and By Adults.