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Mike's Family

Mike's Black Cherry

Bursting with the flavor of dark cherries, mike's hard black cherry lemonade.

ABV: 5.0

Mike's Hard Cranberry

From the bog to the orchard, the perfect combination of tart and sweet. ABV: 5.0

Mike's Hard Lemonade

The ultimate refresher, the perfect blend of refreshing flavors to produce the great taste of Mike's Hard Lemonade.

ABV: 5.0

Mike's Hard Limeade

Do you like your drink with a splash of lime? Well we do too, so crack open a bottle of mike's hard limeade... now with more limes, it's more refreshing than ever!

Mike's Harder Lemonade

For those who are looking for a swift kick, mike's HARDER lemonade® won't let you down. With the sweet and sour taste you've grown to love, mike's HARDER lemonade® is satisfyingly stronger and stiffer than our original, but just as refreshing.

Mike's Harder Cranberry

Dive into a cranberry bog filled with alcohol and you'll know what it's like to take a swig of mike's HARDER cranberry lemonade®. Mike's HARDER cranberry lemonade® is bolder and stronger than all cranberry beverages before it.

Mike's Harder Mango Punch

Mike's will never settle for anything less than amazing taste, and our new mike's HARDER MANGO PUNCH® is your proof. With an invigorating blend of tropical juices like mango and pineapple, mike's HARDER MANGO PUNCH® is the best-tasting 8% alcohol can on the shelf.

Mike's Harder Fruit Punch

No one delivers great tasting flavors like mike's, and we're hitting it even HARDER with new mike's HARDER FRUIT PUNCH®. With a delicious blend of cherry, orange and tangerine, this tasty 8% alcohol beverage is a unique take on an old classic that's sure to satisfy.

Mike's Traditional Margarita

For those who like that old-school margarita taste, TRADITIONAL LIME is the way to go. With real lime juice and agave nectar, it's a taste fiesta just waiting to happen.

Mike's Strawberry Margarita

This delicious beverage combines real lime juice and agave nectar with the distinctively refreshing taste of fresh-picked STRAWBERRY!